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Advancing AI Development at meed: Welcoming Andrew Keh to the Advisory Board

We are thrilled to announce that Andrew Keh is now part of meed's advisory board. An influential figure in AI and applied research, Andrew will focus on spearheading the development of the artificial intelligence layer for the meed platform.

Introducing AI to meed's Personalized Rewards

Utilising AI, Meed aims to automate data analysis for crafting personalised rewards that provide increased chances of redemption. By leveraging generative AI capabilities, copywriting can be significantly optimised, reducing the workload to just a few minutes per month.

Meet Andrew Keh, AI Expert

With an impressive background in engineering and over a decade of applied research experience, Andrew has proven to be instrumental in incorporating artificial intelligence into various sectors, such as retail, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

As the driving force behind Web3 Research Ltd., a leading applied AI company, Andrew excels in designing bespoke AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of diverse industries. His stint as the head of the R&D division at Berkshire Hathaway Shoe Holdings is particularly distinguished by his efforts in advancing AI technologies within the retail domain.

Andrew's novel approach to AI in retail doesn't merely revolve around technology implementation. Instead, he's passionate about revolutionising how businesses engage with and comprehend their customers, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

meed's Bright Future with Andrew Keh

We eagerly anticipate the positive impact of Andrew's guidance on meed's AI layer development. His expertise, insights, and innovative thinking will be invaluable assets as we work towards our AI-centric vision for meed.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Andrew Keh as he embarks on this exciting journey with us!

About meed

meed helps businesses maximise revenue from their customers by connecting with them through their mobile phones without the need to set up, maintain or install an app or its associated infrastructure.

meed is a platform built on a hybrid Web2/Web3 infrastructure that bridges the traditional and decentralised economy. With meed, customers have the one app they need to participate in almost every loyalty program to which they belong.

meed is launching in the Spring of 2024. Join the waitlist!

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