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Meed welcomes Sean Greenhalgh as an advisor

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Meed, the company harnessing Web3 to change loyalty for millions of small business owners, is thrilled to announce the addition of Sean Greenhalgh as an Advisor. With an impressive entrepreneurial history and a deep-rooted passion for technology, Sean brings an essential new perspective to the Meed team at a crucial time as they complete their product prototype and begin fundraising in earnest.

As an advisor, Sean will bring his deep expertise in technical development to guide the strategic direction and advancement of the meed platform. His insights and industry knowledge will be invaluable in enhancing the platform's functionalities and ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the loyalty market.

Sean is a technology evangelist who is passionate about startups. In addition to founding several of his own businesses, Sean has been an advisor to many startups in Hong Kong and Australia. Currently, Sean is developing Angelflow, a platform enabling investors to build, manage and invest into angel investment syndicates.

Phil Ingram, Founder & CEO of Meed, said, “For several months, Sean has been a guiding voice for a small team building a huge product with profound implications for how the world of SMEs can use loyalty to incentivise their customers. I am delighted we can now make it official.”

Meed is excited to have Sean on board and is confident that his expertise will be instrumental in taking the Meed platform to new heights.

About Meed

Meed is reinventing loyalty through Web3 technology, artificial intelligence and innovative user experience.

The meed platform is a revolutionary solution for small and medium-sized businesses that have thus far limited their use of loyalty to printed stamp cards or simple membership programs. It enables businesses in retail, F&B, hospitality, eCommerce and more to implement loyalty programs with levels of sophistication previously only enjoyed by larger enterprises but through the capabilities of machine learning and generative AI to do so with minimal friction.

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