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Meed Partners with Auki Labs to Bring Spatial Computing into Loyalty

Advanced Technology powers the Meed Super Voucher

Meed, the loyalty solution for small and independent retailers, is delighted to announce our partnership with Auki Labs, the developers of the posemesh, a decentralised spatial computing protocol for augmented reality, the metaverse, and smart cities.

Meed is incorporating Auki Labs’s spatial computing technology into the meed mobile app via its ConjureKit SDK. Now, not only does a customer receive an incentive to revisit a store, but on arrival, the voucher becomes a navigation tool to direct them straight to the shelf where they can find the product.

“Guiding the shopper straight to the item in question helps ensure the conversion is made,” said Phil Ingram, Founder & CEO of Meed Loyalty. “The advancements in spatial computing offered by the posemesh and ConjureKit SDK make it possible for us to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, especially for smaller independent retail stores.”

Meed is one of the first developers to join the private beta of posemesh domains and has been working with the Auki Labs team to integrate the software into the meed app prototype. Auki will work closely with Meed to support the launch of the Meed platform, which, once launched commercially, will represent a channel for Auki Labs.

“The Meed team has a vision for the future of commerce that we are excited to enable,” said Nils Pihl, CEO of Auki Labs. “Supporting them was a no-brainer for us, and as they are also located in Hong Kong, we have been able to collaborate directly with them in our demo space and on pilot sites.”

Meed will launch in the spring of 2024, and we are accepting advanced interest in joining the beta program at our website,

If you want to build your own application on the posemesh, visit and try the ConjureKit SDK for Unity.

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