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Revolutionize Your Customer Loyalty Program with             

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Empower your retail business with digitized, personalized rewards, driving customer engagement like never before

Be first to experience the full commercial version of meed in the Spring of 2024. Read on to find out how you can get full access for free for up to one year.

Note: meed will always have a free tier so you can try out all the core features before upgrading to one of the paid plans. 

If you are an independent retailer, meed will empower you to:

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Ditch stamp cards and printed coupons and connect directly to your customers’ phones without needing your own app

Offer personalised rewards for products and services each individual customer is more likely to buy

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Automate rewards based on purchases

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Get on the waitlist

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The same tools used by the big brands are now yours for a simple monthly subscription. Turn your occasional customers into regular customers.


You will love it

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Your customers will love it

It’s one app for all their local loyalty programs - never again will they have to remember a stamp or membership card. And they can join your program in less than a second by scanning a QR code.

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All those printed stamp cards and coupons headed to landfills can be a thing of the past, replaced with a digital loyalty scheme that works and is simple to use.


The World will love it

meed is packed with features


Fully automated rewards system saves you time


Instant member recruit through QR codes. You don't have to do anything


Link with other meed programs and increase your customer base

Personalise offers your customers will want to buy from you


Rewards for sustainable behaviour built in


An AI that does the work for you


Option AR solution guides customers right to the item in store maximising sales


Plugins for Shopify & WooCommerce

The commercial version of meed will be rolled out in batches in the Spring.

Sign up before January 31 and get 6 months free access to the fully loaded product

Refer others and get 1 month free for each referral up to an extra 6 months

Every referral bumps you up the list

meed is for independent retail everywhere,
and will be available in many languages at launch.

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